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Hello, I have always been involved in mechanical work. I spent 6 years in the Marine Corps as an Avionics Technician on Harriers and am now moving through the ranks of a career in the Airline Industry as an Aircraft Mechanic Supervisor. I own a 2010 GTI that has been my project for the last 4 years and there isnt much left on the car at all that is still stock except interrior. It currently supports a K04 PnP turbo, but at the end of Oct I will be putting a GT3071R on it. I had the GT3071 bored out to fit a 73mm compressor wheel, so off the shelf tuning is not really an option for me. I currently putz around with Eurodyne Maestro Tuning Suite; and although I completely understand the basics around timinng, AFR, turbo speed, etc. I am having a very hard time correlating all that into the Eurodyne software. I am hoping to gain some more knowledge of how to go about reflashing my stock ECU from HPA. I have followed HPA for some time now, watching a free webinar here and there, so I am hopeful I will gain the knowledge and understanding needed to complete the task of reflashing my Big Turbo ME7 ECU. If anyone around here has any experience with MAESTRO please post below if you are willing to help me at all! Thanks again HPA!

Hi Darrin,

Welcome to HPA. I've never dealt with Eurodyne but I know a few members have.

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