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whats up guys, been in the car scene 10 yrs now started with my rice days in a cavalier with body kit haha, now im on my 2nd evo (evo 9) and just had a tune done and ready to learn on my own. i mean 600 bucks for a single tune was just crazy. Im pretty inclined and hope to pick up really well. going to be purchasing the beginner package.

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Hi, Welcome to HPA.

Was it your stock ECU?

Thanks! Yes it was my stock ECU, and setup on single fuel map.

Was that on ECUTEK?

EvoScan And Ecu Flash

here was the dyno

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It's a nice smooth curve but that price is on the top end of the market for an open source tune, are they an Evo specialist?

yea smooth but power is later than i hoped for. evo specialist yes but i didnt feel he did all he could so im desperate to learn this

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