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Hey guys, I've recently started getting really interested and fascinated by EFI and EMS. I drive a 1995 Toyota Supra Built by Real Street Performance. Im on an AEM Series 2 box.

I made a mistake and jumped into building my car and getting it tuned without understanding every aspect of it, so I've had a ton of lessons to learn throughout the whole process.

I honestly signed up to HPA primarily because i wanted to learn about my AEM series 2 box, unfortunately there is not a lot of information on series 2 boxes anymore. But that really won't stop me from searching. That being said, I have been taking my courses seriously and want to learn as much as I can about EFI and EMS as a whole, as well as learn everything I can about my AEM series 2 box.

I'm currently on e85 and have had quite a bit of time to mess around with my calibration, but there's tons of questions I still have to ask.

I hope that there are still a couple of people on here that are experts on AEM EMS boxes and can hopefully help me learn as much as i can about them as well as help me learn as much as I can about most available systems out there.

Thanks guys,


Hi Saul,

Welcome to HPA. Although there isn't much specific information on the AEM series 2 if you have an understanding of what the ECU is doing you'll learn to understand your ECU better yourself as the information can be applied to any system

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