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Hey guys, I'm Rob Page owner of Page Performance and Conversions in Edgewater, Md. USA. The bulk of my business is 1uzfe conversions, and conversion wiring, Link Ecu harness fabrication, installs and now tuning. I started this business doing wiring in my basement part time in the evening. I got so overwhelmed with harness work that I finally went full time. I am a Link Ecu dealer,I'm a small company. I don't brag that I know everything, because I do not. That is a reason for going through some of these courses. I pride on myself on being honest, and doing quality work at a justified price point. My site is Pageperformance.net which is somewhat in construction. I look forward to more courses and more knowledge. In my 40 yrs of working on vehicles, this academy is really the first of it's kind in the performance world.

Hello welcome to hpa ,nice story I hope one day I can quit my job and work into automotive industry is

Hi Rob,

Welcome to HPA, those look like some tidy looms

They get better each time. Thanks to these courses, I picked up some things to make a loom in less time and without wasting product.

My best to all. My name is Lee Williams. I have been in the automotive business all of my working life. Perhaps someone has seen one of my Fords in Carcraft or Superford ? I currently am in the final tune stages of a Shelby 5.4 supercharged motor transplanted into a 66 Mustang fastback. I admit I am having issues programming the mass air system. If any of you out in the world has experience with the Ford racing software being tuned using HP system assistance would be most welcome. Thank you for your interest.

Hey Lee, thanks for posting. I would suggest copying and pasting your reply into the main Reflashing forum. https://www.hpacademy.com/forum/reflashing/

Cheers. Oh and Welcome along Charles!

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