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New "student" from Arizona, USA.

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Hello there! My name is Steve, and I live in Arizona, USA. I have been racing and modifying my Nissan 240SXs (S13s first, then S14 currently) for close to 15 years now. I am currently in the middle of a chassis revamp to prep it for NASA time trial and global time attack here in the states. I also have a JDM imported '90 Nissan Skyline GTR as a weekend toy that I will be building a "fun" engine for soon. Lastly, I daily drive an '07 Subaru Spec B Legacy, so as you can see, I love turbo cars! I joined HPA to increase my knowledge and abilities so I can better improve all of my cars. I would say my weakest attribute is EFI tuning knowledge, which is where I am starting here at HPA.

I attached a couple pictures of my Skyline, since it's the prettiest car of the three ;)

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Hi Steve,

Welcome to HPA. That is a lovely Skyline, would you mind creating a build thread to share some more information on it and your other builds?

Thanks @Chris250 ! I will get something posted soon!

Well, lots of life events happened shortly after I joined HPA (new baby, new house, etc), so I haven't been active at all. But getting back into the swing of things automotive speaking, so I'll get some build threads going soon! Just picked up a fully prepped VE head for my S14, so I'm pretty excited about that. Also buying my brother's S13 for a song, so I'll have yet another 90's Nissan to play with!

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