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Newby from Missouri, USA

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Just signed on to the HPA system and hoping it will help me with the steep learning curve of EFI. I come from a carburetion background, thought I knew it well till I put 48IDA Webers onto my car. That also got me accustomed to steep learning curves.

Finally got the Webers tuned out and running as they should, so now I step up to the real challenge - to install and make functional an EightStack style Weber EFI system.

The car is a 65 Shelby Cobra replica. 427FE big block Ford. More info on my website http://62shlb.com

A photo of the injection system setup as I was working on it.

They look like Webers but have Ford injectors buried inside them. The ECU is a Performance Electronics PE3

The system is setup and I have started it for the first time, just venturing into the tuning process. Kind of different than twisting a screwdriver or turning a wrench. A whole new bag of tricks to learn.

Thanks for having me aboard

Paul Proefrock

Manchester, MO

Hi Paul and welcome to HPA.

That would make a great build thread if you were willing to expand on it, there's a section of the forum dedicated to it.

How are you finding the transition to injection?


I am from Missouri as well. Have you found a local shop with a steady state dyno to tune on?


I am in the Saint Louis area. Local shop with Steady State is Franjo Speed in Chesterfield Valley.

Where are you located?


I am in central Missouri. I have never hear of Franjo but looking at their site, they look top notch. I will keep them in mind.

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