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No Crank or Cam signal

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I'm a New Zealander living in the UK for 33 years now. I got into hotrodding in my mid twenties and built a 1937 Chevrolet Coupe street strip car powered by a supercharged 350 smallblock mated to a TH400 and 9" Ford rear. My life was going to driving to Meremere near Auckland, racing the weekend and then driving home again during the summer. For 17 years I have had a VW Polo which was my commute to work but came off the road a few years a go for major mods. The engine is a bored and stroked 1.3 diesel with a 1.4 diesel forged crankshaft with custom Arrow forged rods. It has Wossner forged pistons with a stock petrol reconditioned head except for enlarged diesel sized ARP studs. Compression ratio is about 8.2 for turbocharging. Fuel injectors are 300cc and there is provision for methanol injection before the intercooler. We built a kitset Megasquirt MS3 with a 3X expansion card allowing for sequential injection and fully programmable wasted spark ignition. Knock control will be added when I can get a board to add to the ECU. A stock 5 speed gearbox has had new bearings and seals but is modified with a LSD and high performance clutch. Larger driveshafts have been made to 15" BMW Mini wheels that had to be used to clear much larger Vauxhall front brakes. Brakes are boosted at the front only. Low profile tyres return the total diameter back to stop. All four shocks are adjustable and lowering springs are used. Both front struts have adjustable camber mounts. The entire front of the car is connected with a subframe that ties the roll bar and lower suspension all together. All engine mounts and suspension bushes are all converted to polyurethane. Fuel is upgraded to larger pipes, lift pump, high pressure pump, surge tank, larger fuel rail and boost referenced pressure regulator.

So far the engine has run on a stand with a carburettor and stock ignition. TPS, CLT, MAP and MAT all work and appear to read normally. The Megasquirt manual is being followed religiously. I am now stalled on the set up for the crank and cam signals which are both hall effect. No RPM signal can be seen on tuning Tunerstudio software. Pull up resistors are used in the cabling to provide a signal to the ECU. I have bought an oscilloscope to help in the diagnosis where needed.

Essentially I am not an electrician and need a strategy to find where the fault lies so I continue setting up the engine so I can get it to run.

Hello always great to meet a fellow kiwi, can you post a scope of the crank and cam sensors, if there isn't one check the voltage going to the sensors and also the sensor grounds, i would normally measure this across the wiring plug with both sensors disconnected,

Hi Ross,

Thanks for the reply. I have tried the scope but got no input to it. Currently have COVID so I'll wait till I'm better to test if I have 5 volts to them.

Regards Phil

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