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Not the first and wont be the last ambitious car enthusiast

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Hello everyone

Im matt from the beautiful central coast australia

Im big into cars and i've wanted to learn to tune for a while now

I have 2 projects atm

My main car witch is my daily (well my GF tends to drive it more than I do) is a G6E Turbo with 360rwkw on 94E10 and 440rwkw on E85 tuned by Crescent Motorsports Sydney. Its currently having gearbox issues on the 3-4 Shift so im only running high 11s. Its got a GT3540 with an 11 blade billet wheel, Process West Stage 2 IC, ID1000s, Plazmaman turbo side intake, Twin 300lph kpm intank fuel pumps and a 4inch dump and cat into 3 1/2 cat back. The goal with this over the next few years is to build the gearbox, tailshaft and diff and run a 10 on streets. Id like to DIY as much as i can because i feel you have a greater connection with the car the more you build it yourself.

Anyways heres some pics

And my real project car is my 1991 Toyota Celica GT4 GroupA Rallye. My history with this car is very long and I wont go into but i probably should have let it die with my brother 3 years ago but alas I'm here and getting it done. Its had a fresh engine put in but has some oil issues. My catch can keeps filling up but I had great compression across all 4 cylinders but anyway heres the plan. It recently got a run in tune and got 120awkw but I want to sort of update it. It already has an adaptronic E420c, FMIC, and 3 inch exhaust. Ive got to go in a walbro e85 fuel pump, Sard top feed fuel rail, Xspurt 1000cc injectors and a GTX2860rs. the plan is i want quick spooling 200awkw on E85. Ive always wanted to learn how to tune and i really want the celica to be a fun project for me and my friends. Id like to be into the 13s with it and it be on my tune. Anyway im sure ill be boring everyone here with plenty of questions but for now thanks for reading and enjoy some pics

Hey Matt,

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