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Pablo from Puebla

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Hello everyone, my name is Juan Pablo Matus, I live in the state of Puebla in Mexico.

I turned 22 not too long ago and I just finished the introduction to EFI course, I work with motorcycles, my shop is about to be the first specialized motorcycle tuning facility in the country, we've got a Dynojet 250ix Dyno in a purpose built dynoroom and we work with ECUnleashed for stock ECU reflashes.

I´ve always loved machines with wheels, working on them and racing them, either bicycles, motorcycles, cars, etc, If it has wheels, I'm interested, I worked since I was 12 on bicycle shops so I developed a mechanical agility early in my 'teens and I haven't put the wrench down since. I finally started to work with motorcycles about two years ago at a very high end shop and got the chance to learn more about engines and meet very experienced people in the industry. I also got to buy my first (and my childhood dream car), a VW Saveiro, a small pick-up truck that I'm constantly working on and takes away my paychecks. I also have a mostly stock 91 VW GTI that im waiting to register it as classic.

My true passion is cars, I was that weird kid that would bring car magazines during the 7th grade and talk about F1 instead of football.

I generally like small, lightweight cars, that are fairly easy to live with and drive everyday but can also shred the track and mountain passes on the weekends. My favorite cars are the B-group era legends.

I want to become a professional tuner and be the go-to guy in my area in a couple years, but to do that I need to further my education and experience.

I find more interesting a "normal'' car thats been finely tuned to the driver's preferences than a born-to-be-fast one. I love WRC and WRX. Personally, I prefer Japanese and German machinery, but after living in the US for over five years I learned to love American engineering and craftmanship, too.

I always wanted to specialize in bettering a car or a bike's performance and I knew that working with the ECU was the way to go, so I started to read and tried to learn about EFI adjustments and fuel maps online and I stumbled accross HPAcademy, after reading all the possitive comments decided to give it a try and Im very satisfied so far. Ive read couple of the forums and tried to watch the live webinars.

I will become more active now that got a sense of how everything works around here and I'm stoked on growing my knowledge and the cool thing to come!

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