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*Stands up*

Hello my name is Ryan and I'm a performance fan.

I am based in Perth in West Aus. Moved back down about a year ago.

I have a MKIV Supra which I have owned for a quite a few years now. I have mostly focused on suspension/handling modifications (which have progressed much slower than I would have liked) and now it is time to work on the more fun side of things.

I have a PS2000 that I have already got a reasonable VE map in. On my next break I have an opportunity to get on a dyno to sort out the timing side of things. I just have to source some knock ears, which is a bit more pricey than I expected. I could probably sell my ECU and pick up one with knock detection built in for a similar price. Something like the Plex would be nice, but at $1200AUD its hard to justify for a single tune. The Phormula Knock Detection System is looking a little more promising.

The engine itself is stock for now except the exhaust which the previous owner replaced. I have a 3 bar map sensor to throw in as well as an EBC. I will see what I can get before the stock turbos run out of puff or the injectors are at their limit.

I would like to be considering a replacement turbo later this year, we shall see how that pans out though. I was drunk enough to make a foolish agreement that I would not return to Racewars without my car and I don't want to be running stock turbos, so the challenge is set. Between work, my business and having a new house time and funds are short but I am determined the Supra get the love she has long been denied.

*Sighs* I feel better getting that off my chest.

*Sits Down*

Welcome to the forum Ryan.would you be going single turbo or twins when you move away from stock?

How does the Phormula price companies to the Plex in AUS? I was shocked after buying the Phormula pro kit as to how close it was to the Plex price.

You'll not need the 3 bar sensor on the stock turbo, usually people keep then at about 1.2 bar max I'm sure due to the ceramic components.

You'll need to get some pictures up

Thanks Chris.

I think the Phormula pro kit works out to a similar price as the Plex. From what I could see the pro kit isn't necessary though, just the knock analyser to just do the tuning work?

For some reason I thought the internal pressure transducer in the PS2000 was 1 bar. 2.5bar will work quite well for some time.

The plan is to go single. Much easier, more reliable and more predictable. There are some very impressive power figures on stock turbos, but I dont think the cost is worth it over a single.

I will grab some photos when I get home next week. She is a little bashed up, but has big works in the pipeline.

I've only recently moved onto the phormula pro kit away from the Link Knock block. I always prefer listening to the audio side of things and just use the display as a confirmation more than anything else. You don't need to go for fancy knock monitoring if budget is a factor, I know of a lot of people who still use a crushed copper tube linked to a garden hose to a pair of ear defenders and swear by it, not trusting electronics.

There's plenty of power to be had if the map sensor is a 2.5bar one, just be careful as it's likely only able to read 1.5 bar of boost, 1 bar is for atmosphere giving the 2.5bar rating

Thanks for that Chris.

I have actually made a basic knock ear system already. I have a microphone attached to the engine that is amplified prior to being played through the radio. It is awesome being able to listen to the sounds of the head and hear it change through the revs. I might see how I go with this if other people are having success with such basic systems. Given the cost of the more advanced knock detection systems that allow you to data log to the ECU, it could well end up being cheaper for me to sell my ECU and buy one that already has those features built in.

Good point on the boost pressure there. While Haltech dont list the pressure as being absolute, it makes sense for it to be that way.

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