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Hi guys been tuning for a few years as a hobby, I have an Evo 8 running 600hp on a link g4 but still have a few minor issues that I need to sort. I have mapped many cars now including a Civic jordan turbo on Haltek making 450hp many subarus at various levels of modification but still finding new tips all the time to make things easier.

Hope to help out if I can as find good info is very hard in this game!!

Hi Redarrow,

Welcome to HPA. Is the Evo self tuned? What minor issues have you ran in to?

Hi Chris, Yes its self tuned the problem i am having is setting up the cooling fans, they are either on all the time or nothing some people say that an evo 8 260 that i have uses a PWM setup have tried but still no luck have also fitted another fan control unit.

Another issue I am having is not sure what the standard fuel lines can run as I`m making 605hp @ the flywheel @ 2bar but injectors are saying they are running 100%!! Hence it starts to go lean at 6000rpm so having to tail off the boost. I am running RC1000cc injectors at 3.5bar base pressure.

Thank you for having a look wait to hear your advice.

Many thanks


I've seen the fans issue discussed both on here and on the Link forum, I've never tuned one so never had to deal with it. Have you looked at the Air con request in case that is requesting the fans to come on?

What fuel pump are you running and what size of fuel lines are on the car, 8mm? There was a webinar last night based on setting up a fuel system, might be worth a watch.

I've came across fuel pump which are meant to be uprated but they have a pressure relief valve which blows at 65psi, meaning the pump can't deliver the differential pressure required, there's also the fuel pump wiring to consider, is it supplying the pump enough juice to meet the demand? This is discussed in the webinar I mentioned.

If your fuel pressure is good at the top of your power band then it might just be the injectors aren't up to the job, it might be worth getting them tested or swapping onto high impedance and ditching the ballast, then you'll have a new range of injectors available

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