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Rich from the UK

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Hello guys,

I enrolled on the wiring fundamental course last year which I have yet to complete, but that’s beauty of HPs format.

Anyway, I signed up for the new can when it was launched and realised that I have never introduced myself on the forums so here it goes.

I am no stranger to the automotive world as it has been my trade for the past 35 years and have always keen to learn (unlike the school years) to improve my knowledge of automotive systems, but as a long-time club competitor/spectator I have always relied on my own experience & research or advice from others in my quest for improvement in both my knowledge & the car.

It was during one of my research sessions I found HP on YT and thought that’s good and a few months later I signed up to the wiring fundamental course.

Even with my existing automotive experience there is always information that has been forgotten from those early days or due to lack of practice so it’s nice to be reminded once & while, and with the fundamentals starting off with the basics it is good starting place even though I never forgot.

As mentioned, I have been along time club competitor starting off with karts and progressing in to single seaters in the early years and for the past 23 years sprints & hill climbs in a 1988 Renault doing 99.5% of the vehicle prep myself and its one of the reasons why I signed on at HP.

My YT presence is small compared to some but for those who want to watch here the link


Hope to chat with you guys over the next few months so keep safe and those cars rolling


Cool, I recall when they came out - IIRC, there was some comment on the turbo' being a bit on-off, and understeer, but it's been a while and I may be thinking of an earlier model?

Alright mate, Northumberland UK myself and building a track car from a MK5 Golf converted to AWD and Franken motor. Just doing the EFI tuning myself then onto the wiring side after bashing my head for months trying to decide what I'm going to do for tuning, exhausted all options from flash to standalone and learnt at every point the VW wiring/CAN/ECU is going to fight me all the way so have started again with the ECUMASTER EMUBlack, PMU16 & ADU.

Looking forward to seeing you around,


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