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Have now been a member for several months, have been a mechanic since 10(working on bikes,mowers etc) now 63(dinosaur) . I find the constant need to learn , difficult but essential. Your courses help significantly and are essential.

We have a 4 wheel drive Maha LPS 3000 in the workshop that we have been using for 8 years, and have made steady progress.

Currently a Nissan GTR R32 with upgraded turbos is the current project. This is further than I have been before, but I feel some advise would be helpful. Customer wants to go to 1.6 Bar MGP so I would like advise on your expected level of advance above 1 Bar/rpm, plus your advise on any aspect we should be doing.

Many thanks. Richard.

Hi Richard,

Welcome to HPA.

What ECU and supporting modifications has the customer got fitted?

ECU is Link G4+ plug in. Two Borg Warner turbos with small plastic housings (inlet) with Full race written on one of them.It has an AEM lambda reader.The ignition map is a download from Link ecu list and is working well.I am now getting to the business end of the map with boost at 1.2 bar MGP . I would like some advice on what you would expect to see on the ignition map at higher boost pressure, because this is beyond my experience. Thank you.


Hi Richard,

Each engine is different, especially if the set ups change between engine to engine so I couldn't give you an ignition figure even if it was a set-up I've tuned before. I've never seen people use Borg Warners as a twin set up before on an RB26, the usually use Garrett's, is it an exhaust manifold and turbo setup or is it running the stock manifold?

Your best bet is to tune it and listen for knock, since you're using the G4+ you can also log knock activity on-board.

I understand your thoughts, I also have the problem of not knowing the spec of the engine. I have been listing for knock throughout. We are now at a stage that we know the engine is not a very high power unit, the Maha has recorded around the 450hp and over 400ft lb torque,this at 1.6 bar mgp. This seems OK to me. Your thoughts on that?Thank you for your help.


I'd need to know what spec the turbo's are, is the car running a stock head gasket?

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