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Rotor-head Saying Hi from Essex UK

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Tell us a little about you. What cars you are interested, where you are from and why you are interested in learning to tune.

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Hi Guys.

My name is Aston.

From Essex in the UK. I have been interested in learning more about tuning for some time,

I run a Rotary shop/garage here in Essex called Essex Rotary.

We have been doing some reflagging of the stock RX8 ECU using Epifan's MazdaEDIT for a few years now and have remapped a few of our own cars. So have some basic understandings. However a lot of what we know has come from reading countless pages on RX8 forums and not all of it is helpful.

We also started some tuning on the Adaptronic Plug-in Select with WARI on my own Bridgeport Turbo RENESIS RX8 (Andrei you may remember my question from your recent life UK TIME webinar) but while we have been driving it I still feel it's not finished and want to gain a better understanding.

I Also have a RX7 TurboII with a GT35r running on an Apexi PowerFC (I am totally lost with the data logic software at the moment)

My brother also round a NA Bridgeport RX8 running an Adaptronic.

Anyway i watched your Live tuning Webinar on Tusday night and immediately bought the package deal you guys where fearing. As I had been following you for some time (signed up to your free 6 mini tutorials around Christmas and found them informative, even with a basic idea of some of it) and been planning on buying your standard starter package anyway so the deal you guys put together was awesome value for money and really left me without a decision to make.

I am looking forward to learning more from you guys. And hoping you will start to cover the Adaptronic systems as they become more popular.

I am lucky enough to have access to a friends Dyno (rolling road) locally too. Being a Dyno Dynamics 2wd.

Catch you all again soon.

Hi Aston,

Welcome to HPA. sounds like you have a fair few projects, any you'd fancy sharing in the build thread section?

I'm up in Scotland and do a lot of work with Power FC's and Datalogit so if you need a hand just drop me a message