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Saab, Fiat and a Renault on the lovely old south coast of the UK

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Hello there, just started the Wiring Fundamentals course as I think wiring is indeed black magic so here I am hoping to master it after watching a very good demo session on Facebook about making harness,

Projects basically is my suffering Renault 4 GTL rebuild of ten years (Sadly been paying a lot of time wasters to get it rebuilt but I just need to put it back together now!). A Saab 99 GL with a Saab 900 16v turbo fitted bought on impulse few years ago that has also suffered at the hands of a light resto work.

Also got a Fiat 500 1.2 (I needed a car, my mum needed shot of the car....) that I am debating of throwing every cheap hp gaining trick at in the book.

Mainly here to learn how to fix the mess that is my Saab 99 as I have 70's wiring, with 80's extras thrown in and the added bonus of the new engine wiring and its a right mess in places.

Also hoping to give my Renault 4 a smooth engine bay, like hiding everything part from the engine (vw scene much?)

There is also a yamaha Fazer 600 boxeye with too many wired in extras and a honda cb250 superdream hidden in the shed.

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