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subaru forester rwd Hi all Leroy from ireland propper petrol head

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just wanna say hi to all and cant wait to get started i have been buying selling modifying cars pretty much all my life and always wanted to get into engine tunning for a long time and looked into traing on the subject many times but there wasnt much to find on engine tunning with out having to go abroud so im brand new to this so its going to take a while to absorbe all the info on here .also wanting to tune my forester so any sugestions on where i can locate maps or items i should bye. i just bought a engine flashing device but unable to read my own ecu i no probs with getting ori.files from sum other vehicles but just not my own ....typicle lol thanks' to anyone who reads this an for any info help etc [url=https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10156711609590762&l=d4b5009e8f]https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10156711609590762&l=d4b5009e8f

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anyone any idea what turbo is on my car in the pics i also have a 99 forester a 1999 one but the turbo is much smaller than the one on my 2000 one so thinking she must of been up gradded

maybe ?

Hi Leroy,

Welcome to HPA.

I take it you're trying to use a tactrix cable to pull the file from your Foresters? 99-00 Subaru's are only available to be tuned through ECUTEK at the moment or if you send your ECU to France there is another option (ECU labs I think), ESL have a working demo for them but have yet to release it.

Another option would be to go standalone ECU, Link are £690+vat for the Version 5/6 in the UK.

The small turbo on the forester would likely be the stock TD035, the bigger turbo could be a TD04 or possible a VF, there should be identification numbers on the cold side, to the left of the inlet opening

Chris, apart from ECUtek, there is also a french group that have unlocked the early subaru ECUs for flash tuning. I cant recal the name off hand, but when I do, I will post back. And they seam to have some pretty impressive features for such an old model. But I still think a stand alone like Link to be a much better idea.

The 2.0L SF Foresters had a TF035 (not a TD035), which is a tiny turbo more suited to something like a ride-on lawn mower.

are you meaning ECULab? I've tried dealing with them but the guy is really cautious about selling his product to the point it's put me off dealing with them altogether. Each ECU is coded, you can only open the installation software once, even if you don't install it, it's then coded to your computer, I know it's a small market that few have cracked but I'd prefer firing in a Link or the likes and having free access to the software over all the hassle I had dealing with them.

Yes they are the ones. I had not dealt with them personally. Only heard of them.

I, like you would much sooner stick a modern complete stand alone in than mess with a 20 yr old ECU.

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