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Subaru Impreza wrx sti v3 rhd in Argentina

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Hi guys,

I lived in New Zealand for about 8 years and moved to Argentina a couple of years ago.

I brought my Sti with me and put an ESL board into it. At the time it was running the stock 550cc injectors, mushroom hks intake, 3 inches stainless strel exhaust and everything else standard.

I have mainly brought the car to start learning on how to tune and do that myself on this one. I spent quite a few years rebuilding it actually and now Im finding myself being able to do the tunning part...

While over here in Argentina one of the injectors went bad and i couldnt get the same set of injectors. So I had to order a remanufactured set rated at 1000cc that would fit without having to change the fuel rails.

Initially it seemed fine, I adjusted the injector scaling to a bit less and it has been sort of ok. Despite it being a lot more rich i didn't have any major issue.

Now I'm having quite a bit of juddering particularly when releasing the gas suddenly and getting back on it either full throttle or just slightly for cruising.

Sometimes It happens when cruising. I suspect one of the Injectors might be bad and throwing more fuel at one of the cylinders?

The other issue I had is that the engine would stall when coming off the throttle hard and trying to get it to cruise or to go full throttle.

Any ideas on what to look for?

The ESL is a bit limited to tune idle and the reinjection parameters they call for re enabling injectors when you step off the gas.

Any help would be very much appreciated!!


Osvaldo como estas ? No te puedo ayudar con tu problema pero estas usando un tactrix? Necesito uno, peros olo por un rato te interesa alquilarmelo ?

Hi Faustino, I'll reply in english for everyone else that doesn't speak spanish.

I have an ESL Daughter board installed to my original 6S ecu. Unfortunately, I don't have a tactrix cable that I can lend you... :(

This is the daughter board for the 97 Impreza: