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Tim - South Australia

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Hey everyone

My Names Tim and I live in Adelaide South Australia

have always loved cars and enjoyed learning how they work

Just signed up to some courses and loving all the info

I did a night course at my local tafe 4 years ago on how to dyno tune, it was an excellent and it really gave me a taste for tuning. I wanted to learn more, finnaly got around to signing up to HPA and i cant be happier

While doing the course at tafe i retuned my toyota 3sge BEAMS motor thats in my AE86

i was supprised how simple it seemed to tune the correct AFR and timing and it baffles me why so many guys drive around with rubbish tunes in there car. I realized then that i loved tuning and its somthing im going to strive to be good at

After a clean up of the AFR and retuning the VVT-i we made great gains, then we messed around with ITB velocity stack length and designs

everything we touched just made the car better

I was very happy !


stock internals

ITB 110mm velocity stacks

Adaptronic E420c

Red line is when i first bought my car

Blue line was after is the gains me made while tuning at the dyno course


So keen to learn as much as possible and chase my dream of being a quality tuner

That's some impressive gains, welcome to the forum

Thanks Chris

the tune that the car came with when i bought it left allot to be desired .... so a clean up of the AFR and a play with the VVT-1 made big differances

but then we found another 17 RWKW just by changing the Velocity stacks which was very intresting

30mm 120 RWKW the 110mm gave us 137 RWKW and more power and torque across the board

That's pretty good gains, it would be good if you made a thread in the builds section explaining everything you've done and the gains achieved as I think it'll show what can be done from some simple changes

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