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Trying to figure out the new school tuning methods

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My name is Scott and I live in Montana. I grew up tuning the old school way and now I'm trying to figure out this new school computer tuning. And I have to admit...confusing! I bought an HP tuner pro about a year ago because I was a little untrusting of a few remote tunes I had paid for and a dyno tune that was done to my car. Now I'm at the point of actually knowing that I threw money away to those people. The tunes were improvements over stock but, could have been better. Now, I'm totally confused BUT, my car runs better!! :) I am taking the Diesel course to further confuse myself and hopefully tune my Duramax when I buy it. haha. The cars I've tuned so far is my 2014 Camaro LS3 and a 2003 Monte Carlo SS 3.8 l. I hope this will help in some way with both fuels?

G'day Scott, great to have you on the board :-). You're definitely in the right place to get bombarded with so much information that it can be confusing at times! But we'll try and help out if we can too :-).

Welcome to HPA Scott, there's plenty to further confuse yourself and hopefully clear everything up again by the time you're done

Thank you!! I also bought the EFI tuning course!! We'll see if I learn anything!! :)

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