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hi all, ive been on here a few days so thought i had best introduce myself! my name is jamie im from the uk. ive been modifying and racing cars for the best part of 21 years now. i started off as a mechanic by trade at 16 on leaving school and moved down to birmingham to train at BMW motor college. After gaining my qualifications i moved back up to teesside and worked at peugeot for a while but being a service technician just wasnt cutting it for me, so i retrained tpo work in another field keeping my mechanics skills for a hobby only.

over the years ive built various modified cars the most memorable those being my fd3s rx7 single turbo, bridgeport with two piece e shaft ( i believe it may have been one of the first if not the first in the uk back in the early 2000's with a 2 piece shaft?) which i imported from NZ and also my 697bhp / 620lbft GTX3586r 2.4 stroker evo 6 which i cut my teeth in with mapping using ecuflash back in 2011. that was a bit of a weapon and did 60 to 100 back in the day a full second quicker than a veyron. im still very proud of that car :D

ive had few and far inbetween those but im just about to sell on my most recent project and daily driver which is my 2 series n55 which i use for standing mile events, currently around 450bhp and 480 lbft ( which ive attached a few pics of ) so i can get my next project which will be an audi r8 which im planning on putting two turbos on to :D


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good work glad to have you with us

the Audi will be a great project easy power gains for minimal cost

thankyou ross. definitely. an easy 1100bhp on stock motor.

Welcome to HPA Jamie, you'll need to document the R8 build on a thread, they're an impressive car stock

hi chris thankyou. definitly will, i will be doing a full fabrication/build/mapping vlog and how to series on it as i find there are too many tuners in the industry that use engine building and mapping as if its some kind of dark art which keep prices high, which is why i like hp academy. i understand everyones got to make a living but the bolt on DIY mirror image turbo kit for a huracan/r8 is 35k without management! its about 5 grand worth of parts maximum! when you break the kit down and 10k with management. its outrageous so hopefully i'll be able to help some people in the future.