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Hows it going everyone, my name is Dustin and I live in Virginia Beach. I am currently working on tuning a 1989 Nissan 240SX. This is my second 240SX(KA24DE) but this time around I decided to go turbo. I am pretty much interested in rwd imports, but most engines and cars interest me as well.

The 240SX has a Japanese spec Nissan CA18DET engine:

Running a Nistune chip in the stock ECU

t28 ball bearing turbo

800cc low impedence injectors

upgraded Z32 MAF sensor(rated to 500hp).

Those are just the basic upgrades I have installed among others. Basically I am interested in learning how to road tune the engine using the Nistune suite, but also increase my tuning knowledge in general.

Anyone else is running Nistune on the forum?

great to have you with us