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VL Turbo from NZ

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Hi, I'm Matt

Just won the ECU master PDM and VIP courses which is epic because I have been watching a ton of webinars so now I can learn even more.

Current project is a VL RB30E+T. Link G4 xtreme which has a tune I pieced together from things I learnt watching HPA Webinars.

Struggling to get the idle perfect and make it run smooth but it goes okay.

Stock RB30 bottom end.

Auckland cams regrind, 272 cam and upgraded springs

6x ICE Ignition coils and ICE 16v Booster

Link G4 Xtreme (hopefully can talk to the PMU via CAN)

Blitz 3470MOJ K27 turbo with K29 compressor wheel

Deatschwerks intank and 350il pump

PTP Turbo blanket1000cc injectors and GTR intercooler

Custom intake and exhaust manifold, intercooler piping, catch can and 3 inch exhaust

Turbosmart 45mm wastegate

Aeromotive Fuel pressure reg

]25DET big box that is very crunchy

XYZ Coilovers

Cadillac CTS-V front brake calipers and 330mm HSV discs

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Hi mate congrats on the win and wow i love your car. unfortunatly the G4 ecu will not talk to the pdm the g4 plus and X will no problem

Congrats on the win mate! Awesome! Hope you enjoy learning more about PDMs and getting it up and running as well 😎

You can create a thread specific to idle tuning with some logs etc if you need some help on that side of things. I'm sure you've already seen these kicking around but just in case one or both of these might help you out as well.



Catch you around dude!

Hi Matt, as Ross mentioned, unfortunately the CAN template in the G4 ECU is quite limited in comparison to the G4+/G4X so you can't write a custom template to communicate with the PMU. That being said you can still use the G4 to send out a generic dash template which with a bit of work in the PMU could still be useful depending how hard you want ton work. For example that template has coolant temp in it so you could decode this in the PMU and then use it to trigger a fan or fans. The other option you could use is to bypass the CAN altogether and simply wire aux outputs form the G4 to the PMU inputs. not quite as nice as CAN but without upgrading your ECU it will be a viable workaround.

Thanks for the replies everyone. Might have to find a second job so I can upgrade the G4, but I think I will make do with using AUX outputs to control the PMU. I probably don't use the G4 Xtreme to its full potential but this might inspire me. I should add an idle air control valve but I'm being stubborn and don't want to modify my intake manifold.

It will also be nice to utilise the PMU to refresh the body wiring and remove relays and fuses from the car because the original relay box is now relocated under the dash and it's a tight squeeze. As well as the factory fuse holder having a tendency to melt and warp over time.

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