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Warm greetings from Borneo, Malaysia

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Hi everyone,

It s an honour to be part of this HPA. I have been working on various ECUs like Haltech, Adapatronic, Microtech, Link G4 for some few years. Looking forward to going advance on the tuning.

I am now on personal poject 4G63 awd Drag Car. High Compression(11:1), GTX4294R running on methanol controlled by Vipec V88 ecu. Thinking of getting 8pcs of Moran 235lb injectors. Appreciate if anyone who has eperience using such low impedance(1.6ohms) with the Vipec ECU and works flawlessly can advice before I am making the Purchase. TQ

Welcome to the forum.

you'll probably get more response to your question if you post it up in the general tuning section of the forum

Thanks Chris,

will do that. But I've already made the purchase on the Injectors.