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What's up everyone! Louisiana, United States

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Just joined last night, and eager to get into learning!! Just waiting on some my courses to be added on my profile. I've been a truck/car person my whole life and really got into it when I bought a Mustang GT at 16. Now I have a 05' Evo 8 2.3 stroker I'm rebuilding, my daily driver is a 10' Sierra Denali 6.2 v8 with long tube headers,intake, muffler and tuned. My current special project is a LS3 Ford Ranger I'm building:)!! I'm ready learn so I don't have to pay someone else to tune my stuff and then I can help others!!

Welcome to HPA Dkutej,

those some like some interesting projects, any chance you could share some more info on them and some pictures in the build section?

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