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I picked up a dry sump set up about a year or two ago and with the Covid pause my project took a major slow down, so just getting back into it now. The oil pan was made with a different oil pump set up and the originally owner has fallen off the map so rather than trial and error with oil pumps (6g72, 6g74, 6g75) I figured I would just make it work with a 6g74 oil pump. Now I just wanted to call out that the oil pump is gutted, it just is used to seal up the oil pan to block and allow for a port to inject oil into engine from external pump. I was thinking of just cutting where the black sharpie is on the pan, and remaking that to the 6g74 oil pump but figured I would post up as this is not my wheelhouse. Thanks in advance.

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I'm not familiar with the engine, but is there any reason you can't simply fit a correct length spacer (or leave the inner pump gear) on the crankshaft to correctly position the front pulley, damper, etc?

Block the outer port of the oil filter housing - I'd suggest tapping it for a grub-screw with internal hex - you shouldn't have any need to plug the port from the pump to the block as they are normally only a passage from the pump to the filter.

The high pressure oil supply from the dry sump pump is directed to the centre port of the filter housing - this is normally already equiped with a fitting that can either be used or replaced - which feed directly into the engine's oilways as per OEM design. This will require an external filter or an adaptor that accepts oil from the external pump and directs it to the region within the sealing ring of the filter - an annular groove would give a more even feed to the filter - and after passing through the filter it's directed to the centre port and the engine.

That said, there are some semi-dry sump setups that use the engines internal pump for pressure feed to the engine, and the dry sump pumps are purely for scavenging, but I don't think this is going to be viable without lot of custom fabrication work, assuming it's even possible.

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