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Adjusting rear camber without changing track width

Motorsport Wheel Alignment Fundamentals

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We can adjust camber at the front via camber plates, eccentric bolts or lower control arms.

You said that when it comes to adjusting front wheels camber, you prefer to leave the lower control arm as it is and use camber plates or camber plates and eccentric bolts in order to keep the previous track width.

My question is: when it comes to adjust the rear camber of a car such as gt86, with multilink suspension system, are lower control arms the only possibility we have? Because in this way we would end up setting the right camber but changing the previous track width.

Am I missing something?

A further explanation would be really appreciated!

I don't recall the video, so can't directly comment.

Advantages of using the top mount for adjusting camber/castor is it's convenient as it is easy to access and both can be done at the same time, there are usually kits available from multiple suppliers which also remove the rubber mountings that allow excessive movement, and drive shaft length variation is minimised. When doing the adjustment by track and castor control arm adjustment they're more difficult to access, have to be adjusted separately, and while some are non-ajustable there may not be aftermarket parts to make them adjustable.

At the rear with multi-links, we generally are less interested in castor adjustment, top links are less accessable, etc. so using the lower link is a sensible thing to do, and there is usually adjustment available for that.

With any adjustments, don't forget to correct the toe settings.

Hi Mattia,

That's a good question. As Gordon commented, sometimes it is to do with what is most convenient and practical to adjust. Changing the length of any of the arms always has other implications on geometry and kinematics etc as well.

With a multilink suspension, in principle you can adjust your camber settings with either an upper or lower control arm. A lot will come down to which arm(s) are adjustable and most accessible. You will have to consider your axle lengths and tyre to body clearance as well when choosing which one is best to adjust.

Hope that helps,


Hi! Thanks for the answers, I am terribly sorry for my delay, unfortunately I have been really busy...

I am thinking of getting this product from Whiteline: https://www.whiteline.com.au/product_detail4.php?part_number=KCA326&sq=41273 in order to get more adjustability for rear camber.

What do you guys think of this solution? Better to look for something else?

Whiteline has a very good reputation and we use a number of their products on our own RaceCraft GT86 here. Definitely a good starting point is you want to make rear camber adjustments using the factory suspension arms.

It seems relatively low price and I could give a try... If I understood correctly, in order to get more than 0.75 degree of rear camber adjustability I should change my rear upper and lower control arm with adjustable ones, am I right? And if I am right, do I have to buy both upper and lower control arms or just one type is sufficient?

Hey Tim, I would like to ask you if you have a specific build thread/mods list for your gt86?

I know that you guys do race and I would understand if you don't want to share too many details.

It would be really good to have an idea of the solution and settings you adopted for your gt86 :)

Please forgive me for the questions that may be silly, I am trying to learn and optimise :)

No silly questions here Mattia, that's why we're all here to learn!

To understand the amount of camber correction you will get with Whiteline's (or any other kit) you are best to ask them directly about this, they can give you the most accurate answers. I'm positive they can tell you how much adjustment range you can expect for different combinations of kits.

We don't have a specific build list of our GT86, but it is not a secret! The current configuration of the GT86 is:

-SPL suspension arms all around

-MCA red coilovers

-Whiteline swaybar kit front and rear including the ARB links

-Michelin 18" tyres

Thank you again, Tim!

May I ask you the exact wheel and tyre size?


I am about to open a new thread to discuss about wheels and tyres size and their effects on performance as I am really curious about them.

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