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Alignment hub stands

Motorsport Wheel Alignment Fundamentals

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I just purchased a version 5 paco motorsports set up and a digital camber finder.

It seems to be a good setup however I was wondering if you have thoughts on hub stands.

I believe André addressed this on one of the YT videos - not sure if it was HPA or Racecraft.

The main advantages I can see (there may be many more) is that they take the wheel/tyre out of the process, and they allow quick and easy access to the suspension and steering for making adjustments - otherwise you may need to jack up the vehicle remove the wheel(s), make the adjustment, refit the wheel, reset the equipment and check the adjustment corrected the error... repeat as required.

Personally, if I had the money and was doing testing, or expected regular adjustments to be made, I'd figure it was money well spent. If you're more of a hobbiest, or won't make frequent adjustments, it may be money better spent elsewhere.

Ah, you may find this to be of help - https://www.tmykgarage.com/buyers-guide-for-hub-stands-under-1000/

What is required to make hub plates work in cars with aggressive differential setting that allow very limited wheel rotation at the traction axle? Is there a need to “disconnect” the axle from the transmission?

Evangelos, in the extreme case where you have a locked diff/spool then yes either one axle needs to be disconnected, or the hub stand needs to be able to float on the hub, which in itself can be problematic.

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