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Bump steer.

Motorsport Wheel Alignment Fundamentals

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Could you just clear up a couple of things I'm not quiet sure on.

When checking/adjusting bump steer do you set the laser pointer height to the centre of the hub?

Also does the laser pointer need to be set perfectly level and the graph paper and mirror set perfectly vertical?

And when setting up your string lines using axle stands, if you have packed out under your wheels to get the car sitting level because the ground isn't level is there any other way of measuring ride height other than the wheel arch like a fixed point on the inner wing because I have fibreglass wings and they could be different each side.

As a HP and racecraft gold member these are great courses. keep up the good work.


Hi Gene, it's the distance between the mirror and the graph paper that's the critical measurement (and even then it's not millimetre critical). The specific location of the laser pointer isn't that important. Likewise the laser pointer should be close to level but isn't critical, and the mirror and paper don't need to be perfectly vertical. The reason here is that regardless of the orientation between the mirror and graph paper, if we move the wheel up 20 mm, the laser dot will move up by the same amount.

If you're on ground that's not level then measuring your ride height to the ground is going to be tricky. Provided you've levelled your setup patch as per the course recommendations, you can still make accurate measurements from the wheel centre to guard lip or rim to guard lip.

Thanks for the kind words, we're excited to bring you more great content!

Hi Andre,

Thanks for your reply and clearing things up. Many years ago I use to work for a British Formula 4 team so doing this course has been a big refresher for me. I'm now building a project car for the road and track days so with the HPA courses and this course will help me save a lot of costs as I will be able to change the geometry and tune the car myself as was when I need.

Cheers. Gene.

Hi Gene, great to hear you'll be having the opportunity to put our courses to good use!

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