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Camber adjustment - influence on KPI and scrub radius

Motorsport Wheel Alignment Fundamentals

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Hi all,

In the "Measuring and Adjusting Camber" part of alignment course the statement was made that in McPerson strut suspension it is better to adjust camber on top mount rather than on swing arm. On the other hand changing camber on top mount will change scrab radius and KPI which should be compensated by changing wheel ET etc. Do you have some further comments in that matter?

I'm a little confused by your questions - can you please provide a link to, and the time of, the part you're asking about, as I don't believe I've seen it?

I would assume the top adjust ment is recommended as it will minimise the adjustment of toe that would be required, and will minimise the change in bump/roll steer. It's also much easier to access a top mount for adjustments.

Did the video actually mention the scrub radius and/or KPI? The way those work, and are calculated, mean there 'should' be negligible change in either for changes you can make with a top mount - especially the scrub radius, as both the tyre contact patch and the point where the KPI intersects the ground move together.

I might be missing something, though.

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