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Cold Vs Hot Tyre Pressures in Rally

Motorsport Wheel Alignment Fundamentals

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Whilst on circuits with the option of warm up laps, what would you recommend with single venue rally or Hillclimbing where the tyres are cold at the start?

The principle remains the same regardless whether you're talking rally/hillclimb or circuit. The tricky part for a hill climb is judging the starting pressures cold in order to achieve the ideal pressure during the run. This is almost certainly going to be a case of compromise though and you'll probably need to start a little lower than optimum and end up a little higher. This will depend on your tyre, how much energy the car puts into the tyre, the surface, and the length of the run. Ultimately documentation and testing is the way to build up your knowledge on what works for a given venue and car.

Thanks for that, have always used a pyrometer at the top to set the pressure but not considered that getting an even temp at the top of the hill means that it will be most likely too low on the rest of it!

Yea unfortunately it's very much a compromise for this form of motorsport unless you have the luxury of tyre warmers.

How would you set up with tyre warmers ? I mean if my ideal pressure would be 36psi but I am starting with 32psi so it can expand to 36psi . With the use of tyre warmers should I set up at the beginning a little bit lower let's say 34 or should I go 36psi ?

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