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DIY Alignment Tools

Motorsport Wheel Alignment Fundamentals

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I have to race on a bit of a shoestring budget (comparitively speaking) so I like to save money where I can. I've been working on some DIY tools for the workshop. Interested if other people want to share theirs as well so this thread can become some inspiration for us DIYers.

First, I 3D printed some parts to construct a string alignment frame for the front and rear of the car. I had some scrap aluminum lying around, so thats what I based it off (could have used smaller square section but this is what I had...)

I have some scrap teflon-ish plastic sheet lying around so I'm going to cut squares of this to act as the slip plates.

And now I'm creating my own corner weight scales using some industrial load cells and custom circuit board with an Arduino. I'm making an enclosure for this which will also house an LCD screen and a couple of buttons to scroll through pages etc, but it's not hard to get an Arduino with wifi and create a web based page to use with your smart phone (could export data also like this).

Aside from this, I copied Andre's little turned steel insert to sit inside the hub which the caster/camber guage magnetically attaches to and I made a simple setup for measuring bump steer.

I'll follow up once the corner weight scales are finished and working.

Also I have no issue sharing files or specifics etc if people want to make their own - this is all about helping the community...

That looks good :)

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