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hi, i have Subaru sti that sees drag strip fairly often, what is you suggestion on drag set up for awd car?

Hi Igor, the aim with drag racing is to get as much rubber onto the road as possible during the launch, and to reduce high speed scrub. On one of the drag cars we set the EVO world record with we used shock travel pots to work out how much the car squatted during the launch. We then replicated that during the alignment process and made sure we had zero camber at that point to maximise tyre contact. As far as toe goes you'll want a small amount of toe in front and rear for stability. The amount of toe you need will depend on the compliance in the bushes. With spherical bearings you can run around 1 mm toe in per corner. With factory bushes I'd start with 2 mm toe per corner.

When you say factory bushes does this include the polyurethane replacement bushes as well ?

Polyurethane bushes are less compliant than stock rubber bushes but they still allow some level of compliance and hence you're going to want to still run a small amount of toe in for stability.

I was thinking 0 camber 0 toe stiff damper setting in the back and soft up front, that sound like a good plan to start with?

While 0 toe would be ideal to reduce high speed scrub, you're likely to find that it will cause instability so I'd strongly suggest compromising with a small amount of toe in.

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