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FWD Drag Setup

Motorsport Wheel Alignment Fundamentals

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Hi All,

While the course is aimed more at circuit based cars, I have taken a lot from it & found it nice & easy to follow.

I am happy with setting the ride & camber -1.5 front & 0 rear

My question is regarding the toe settings.

Does anyone have experience with high power FWD drag setups, regarding what toe settings are a good base for traction & stability at high speed.

Car is a 2003 Honda Civic Type R EP3 & runs at speed in excess of 160mph

I would value any input, thanks in advance

Kinda outside my field, but comments.

Initially, I would be looking at what the similar vehicles are running.

You may also want to have a good think about how the suspension characteristics - front or rear mounted steering rack will mean any deflection will tend to pivot around it if there are rubber bushing in the track control arms, for example, and wheel offset - or more to the point, scrub radius - will affect whether the wheel will toe in, or out, under tractive force.

For the most part, you want the tractive tyres to be as upright, and straight, as practical, with the first being most important at launch. For stability, you may find a little toe out helps for the top end.

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