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Height adjust at the spring...not the shock base!

Motorsport Wheel Alignment Fundamentals

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Okay so it shouldn't be a surprise given I am learning on this course but...I like many enthusiasts will follow what is printed in the instructions...if you read them.

I have brand new BC Racing BR series coilovers and it tells you to adjust the ride height from the base...

Google it and a BC Racing dude will confirm it.

Then I googled it for my car (E36) and all of a sudden i have now 3 opinions...

1) adjust at the base...BC Racing told me

2) a stanced E36 that adjusted the rear spring perch but....on the front did it at the base

3) MCA suspension and this course...adjust height at the spring perch.

So...I reckon I am gonna be too low to keep the springs captive and will purchase some helper or keeper springs and do it the right way!

I just find it crazy that there is a difference here and yet know completing the module its obvious its the "right way" to adjust at the spring perch.

Is this gonna be world war 3 from internet warriors? Who else was surprised?

Just posted a very similar thread with regards to YellowSpeed Coilovers, on my Colt Czt!

Spent ages prepping and making sure I fitted them correctly. Now I might have to do it all again 😭

Hi guys,

Yea we stand behind the ride height being adjusted at the spring perch as the recommended method. More reasoning and some more practical examples are also included in the Suspension Tuning Course as well if you haven't already checked that out. You can boil the reasoning down to the fact that you not only need the right ride height, you also need the damper to be operating in the correct range of travel and preventing any tyre/wheel/chassis contact at full compression. This means the initial setup is done with the lower mount and the spring perch together to get yourself in the right range and the ride height is set and adjusted at the spring perch.

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