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Home made laser level alignment check in the pit - would it make sense?

Motorsport Wheel Alignment Fundamentals

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Using 2 laser levels instead of strings in the pit on vertical line setting instead of point to create a plain, whete to we can measure not only toe (in millimeters) but camber (again in millimeters) too.

Would it make sense?

Would it bother anyone else in the pit? Would it be legal etc.?

Picture for illustration purposes only, I know that the car wasn't sitting level etc.

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You need a way to make sure the level are of equal length at both sides of the vehicle.

I've been using the trackace for toe aligment and it's quite accurate. It only measures total toe though so make sure you adjust both sides equally.

Yes, provided the usual provisos are met - contact patches are level, vehicle loaded as used, etc. - they 'should' work.

You can buy self calibrating - levelling - lasers for not too much money which should be up to the job. I haven't used those, illustrated, just regular levels and professional surveying equipment which is self calibrating.

They are low power, and regarded as intrinsically 'safe', but don't look directly into them and unless someone is making a point of being in the plane they're operating in, I doubt there would be any issues.

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