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Measuring & Adjusting Bump Steer Before or After Alignment

Motorsport Wheel Alignment Fundamentals

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I noticed measuring and adjusting bump steer is the last module in the practical skills section. Does this mean we should have the caster, camber and toe all dialed in before performing the bump steer adjustment?

The reason I ask is I am about to install new suspension components. And removing the spring from the MacPherson strut is required to install my adjustable camber plates. So by removing the spring and re-installing the strut without the spring I believe I will loose the camber alignment.

My '15 Mustang does not have camber adjustment in the front without these plates so I could use the stock struts and strut perch without the springs to perform the bump steer adjustment, but it won't have the camber set to the desired specs. Is this ok? Or am I missing something?

Thank you!

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