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Measuring Wheel Base measurement and Adjustment

Motorsport Wheel Alignment Fundamentals

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Hi, I was just curious to what is recommended to measure the wheel base. I am considering buying the string measuring tools but not sure if these can be used to perform the task.

I have a 4-link - live axle rear setup and it is fully adjustable however i know is slightly out.

What is the best method to measure the wheel base accurately from a DIY perspective and what tools are needed.

Thanks in advance

Do you mean you think the axle is slightly turned to the left or right?

Easiest and cheapest thing would be a length or straight wood or steel section - have someone hold it across the rear wheel and measure the distance from, say, the front hub, to the wood/steel, then do the same on the other side, adjust until they're the same.

That doesnt seem like an easy DIY problem to fix (considering we are in VIC AUS) at the moment

Basically the axle has never been squared to the front wheels since it was fitted - i did have the front done but cant do that now so wanted a way to measure wheel base.

You can't get any simpler - if you can't have a friend help, because of the lockdown, use whatever you have round to hold the straight-edge against the wheels - a simple loop of rope/strap that's attached to the straightedge, and slipped over the wheel can be perfect. You don't need to align the axle to the front wheels, it's actually better to do it to the chassis/body of the vehicle - best is to the centre-line of the vehicle.

Might not have explained it very well, but easy to do.

I assume this is for the Escort - the problem with doing it as you seem to wish is that the front wheels may be slightly differently positioned, even though the caster is exactly the same, because those mounting points may be slightly off. If you don't have them exactly the same, you're almost guaranteed to have one or the other ahead of the other - that WILL result in having the rear axle mis-aligned if you're aiming to have the same wheelbase left and right.

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