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Motorsport Wheel Alignment Fundamentals

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Is this what you guys call square vinyl flooring tiles? For setting up a flat patch.

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Hi Hairul,

These look very similar to what we were talking about. It's a little difficult to tell from your video, but these look like they might be quite soft? The tiles we have used as packers in the past have been a solid vinyl type. These are quite stiff so will not compress much with the weight of the car on them.

It doesn't matter too much what you use, as long as they are quite rigid.

I'm not sure if I would call it soft. It flexes, yes, but seems incompressible, which is my concern. I'll try putting the weight of the car on it and see if it leaves any mark. Thanks :)

As long as you feel like they won't compress much, then I'm sure they will be fine. Obviously, this is quite subjective 😃. Just use the stiffest things you can find som you're not introducing any unesesary error.

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