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ride height adjustment

Motorsport Wheel Alignment Fundamentals

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Hello everyone,

I understand it is recommended to adjust ride height on the upper spring perch instead of on the lower mount perch. However, the aftermarket coilover on my Toyota 86 doesn't come with a helper spring on the front strut. Is it still possible to adjust ride height using the upper spring perch?

Pictures would be useful here. Google images shows what looks to be top perch adjustment, however I would imagine most coilovers would simply replace the whole thing. So just use whatever adjustment the coilovers have. Without knowing more detail about your setup all I can do is guess.

I tried my best to find a good picture, please see the attached.

we are recommended to adjust the length "A" that is shown in the picture to adjust the ride height. Such that, lengthen "A" to lower the ride height, shorten to raise the ride height.

My application is a fully adjustable coilover with a 150mm spring without helper spring. If I lengthen "A" more than 150mm, my spring will be floating when full droop.

My question is the method recommended in the course limited to those applications with helper springs?

Is adjusting the lower mount the only way to adjust ride height if I don't have a helper spring?

Sorry for my bad explanation.

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Ah, that's a specific spring over damper design by, IIRC, TEIN - with this type, and only this type, do as it says, take up the play in the spring until it's just held with the damper fuller extended, lock the spring perch/seat on the body, then the assembly is screwed into the lower mount. I believe it is only used on struts, where it's screwed into the stub axle, but I may be mistaken - anyone used or seen other versions?

They're actually a clever bit of kit, but potentially a little heaver than the 'normal' type.

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