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Ride height adjustment via Spring perch

Motorsport Wheel Alignment Fundamentals

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Hi, I am really confused about adjusting the ride height via the spring perch. I am not entirely sure how does that affect ride height. I have a set of fortune coilovers, in its installation manual, it states adjust via lower mount by doing this it will not tamper with the suspension travel. This is really confusing and I hope that you can possibly shed some light on this.

Thank you!

This is the link for the instruction manual for fortune coilovers


If you look through the other posts here, you will see this has been addressed.

In short, there are two basic types of coilovers, the one that is generally referred to has a single threaded adjuster which forms the lower spring seat and is adjusted for ride height. The bottom of the damper body is either bolted directly to the strut or has a mounting eye. This is the most commonly used design and so is the one normally referred to.

You have a different type, with two threaded adjustments, which is a fairly new design - I believe it originated from TIEN, but there are now several suppliers who use the design - this type uses a different adjustment proceedure, the upper adjustment, which supports the spring seat, is normally adjusted to just take up the clearance and just restrain the spring and is locked there, then the actual ride height adjustment is done using the lower threaded adjuster.

Use the adjustment/setup proceedure in the PDF.

Hi Gordon,

Thank you for taking the time to respond. In short, this means that I should adjust the clearance and suspension travel with the spring perch first, then adjust the ride height adjustment from the bottom mount? Sorry, its just really confusing with the conflict between the lesson and manufacturer's instructions.

Thank you

Do as the intruction suggested, compress the spring by, IIRC, a 1/4 inch or 6mm, then set the ride height by the bottom adjuster, leaving the spring one untouched.

As I said, there are two basic designs, this one isn'common although becoming more so, and the normal type with a single adjuster is the common type discussed in the videos.It would make a good topic for a later video, as you're the 3rd (?) person confused by the twin adjuster design conflicting with the single adjuster tutorial.

Sorry to revive this thread but I just have a question for Gord.

Do you have a photo or a link of this twin adjuster design TEIN?

Reason I asked is, my MCA Coilovers have twin adjusters as well (same as what is Andre working on the video - see screenshot) - one to adjust the bottom spring perch (top adjuster) , the other to adjust the damper location to the bottom mount. Basing on MCA and Andre's instruction, it should be adjusted as per the training video.

When I read your post about twin and single adjusters, it comes out as you are suggesting the complete opposite of the training video.

If you are referring to the TEIN Flex Z then I am quite sure it is similar with regards to adjustment points as the MCA demonstrated on the tutorial video.

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Hello Gabriel, I have the same thought. I don't know the reason but Andre explains something that's the opposite of what I was almost sure about.

It's been 4 years since this post but still no replies from the staff.


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