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Motorsport Wheel Alignment Fundamentals

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So I would like to know what would be peoples opinion when setting up the ride height ? What I mean is when I set up my ride height on my car I have the driver side a little bit higher than the passenger to compensate for my weight as a driver . I do this on the driver side front and rear . Is this correct ?

Also would like to know if this is accurate when doing a wheel alignment shouldn't the same compensation be done also for camber and toe ? If so how would this be approaxed ? Like I am 83kgs , so I might have the coils 10mm higher than the other side lets say 245 driver side front and 235 passenger side front and I am adjusting -2deg camber front should I be going for -1.85deg driver and -2deg for passenger ? (numbers are just for refference just so I can help you understand my question)


The optimum way of setting your ride height is actually to use corner weight scales. The aim is to adjust the ride height to jack weight around the car in order to achieve a 50% cross weight (this means that if you add the right front and left rear weights together, this should equal 50% of the total weight). That should result in a car that handles the same in left and right hand corners. We will be covering corner weighting in the near future in a course.

Without the benefit of corner weights I would suggest simply equalising your ride heights left and right although you could make this adjustment with the drivers weight in the car. Under most conditions I'd suggest setting the camber equal on both sides of the car and driver weight isn't something that I use to drive this decision. It's not uncommon to run a camber difference though where more negative camber is used on the left of the car on a circuit that's predominantly right handed and vice versa.

Thank you for the reply . Indeed corner weight is the best but it also very expensive to buy scales and it's pretty hard to find someone that either has one or has the knowledge to use one .

Something else I wanted to ask if the manufacture does not specify to measure the height when the car is in the air or on the ground should we assume that it is measured in the air as shown in the video ? I mean when you see the recommended measurements that comes in the instructions when you buy the coilovers

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