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Set Up Tyre Pressure

Motorsport Wheel Alignment Fundamentals

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Hey Lads,

When doing the car setup, what tyre pressures would you set the cart up with ?

My brain has been ticking....yep...its a worry :).......but I am thinking that I should be setting the car up on racing hot pressures...say 30psi, as this is where the performance is and needs to be optimsed. The car spends infititely more time with warm/hot tyres (29/30psi), than at a cold static 23/24 psi as you drive out of the grid. Thoughts ?


AJ :)

Not something I've considered, there could be a very small change in rake, and hence caster and a miniscule one to camber and toe, if the tyre sidewall deflection changed more at one end or the other, I guess.

Is it going to be significant, I doubt it, but I can't see how it would hurt to use the 'race' pressures.

I'd suggest doing it with one set of pressures, then the other, and seeing what change there is, if any, then returning to the first as a back-check - I don't think you'll be able to measure one but I've been wrong before ;-)


When doing a dry set up use the hot pressures your aiming for so around the 30-32psi mark, when you send the cart out on track on (cold pressures) will depend on the track and driver, during testing measure the pressures off a hot lap and if you can laser temp measure across the tyre to look at what camber effect is having youll get a better understanding of wear rates and pressures. It is possible and common practice to have different pressures cold from left to right depending on the track.

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