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Tire pressures

Motorsport Wheel Alignment Fundamentals

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I would like to ask how do I know if I already have too much camber or toe from the data collected using a pyrometer? Thank you in advance

In general terms when you have the camber correct then you'll have an even temperature gradient from the inside edge (hottest) to the outside edge (coolest). I'd suggest aiming for a gradient of around 15 deg C but of course there is no magic number here. So if you're vastly different to this from your pyrometer measurements then you probably could benefit from some changes.

Toe on the other hand will have an effect on the tyre temp but is really adjusted based on the handling of the car as opposed to pyrometer readings.

Thank you Adre! That has made my understanding on the topic clear. Can't wait to hear more about your racecraft 86 project.

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