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Why does string alignment get setup off the hub not the bodyshell? (from what i see on the vids from HPA)

Motorsport Wheel Alignment Fundamentals

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why do you do a string alignment based off the hubs instead of the bodyshell?

Isn't there a possibility that on some cars you may have more track width on one end of the car than the other - in which case wouldnt this mean if you align a string alignment equal distance off each of the hubs - you wont have a parallel string setup and alignment would be "incorrect"?

in theory (in my head) wouldnt it be better to build a parallel box around the bodyshell and then set the alignment to that?

or do you just work off relative settings and ignore if the string is not parallel down each side?

no i havnt bought this course yet - and the answer may be in there ... but im super curious... what am i not understanding?

you measure the strings to the centre of the hubs so the car is central in your string "BOX". this ensures the box is square.

you then measure the distance between the strings at both ends of the box to ensure its not a trapezoid.

these two measurements, ensure a square string box with the car centred in it.

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