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2jz S15 silvia Best way to have a working stick speedo?

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Hi Peeps

Im currently working a S15 silvia with a 2jz/Cd009 conversion, the stock diff and ecu ect has been replaced with aftermarket items. The stock speedo worked off a speed proxy on the stock diff which runs through the stock abs ecu then off to the dash. What would you reccomend would be the best way to have a working stock speedo?

Id thought about making a Flag wheel and bolt it somewhere onto the new skyline diff and using a hall effect sensor or similar and using a Dekota digital converter to the speedo. Im curious if theres a better way. The owner wants to retain factory gauges.

Any thoughts would be much appreciated



The short answer is that there isn't an easy way. The frequency input to the stock system is quite high and we struggled with this issue with a customer car back many years ago. One of my techs ended up using a pair of frequency multipliers to provide a suitable signal. Depending on your ECU you could connect a wheel speed signal and calibrate that and then provide a frequency output to the dash.

Thought as much, id hoped to use the stock speed sensor until i was told the stock diff had been removed. If only the owner woudl be open to a digital dash it would easily solve these issues. The Ecu is a Haltech PS200 Andre so it should be capable. We just have to figure out the best place to mount a speed sensor to get it all working. The current plan is to get the engine running first and focus on the 1% afterwards.

Thanks for the reply