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3D print yourself some DynaPack hub centering rings

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If it's not really about tuning or wiring. Then it belongs in here.

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I designed these ("designed" seems like a strong word for a silly little ring) to make putting cars on our DynaPack a little more foolproof. Been using them for a couple of years, just thought to post the file to Thingiverse. I'll add 57.1mm tomorrow. Any other diameters you want just let me know and I'll add, it would only take me a few seconds to pop open SolidWorks and change the ID of the ring.

57.1mm version. Since there was enough width I added text to label them.

Thanks for sharing John. I owned a dynapack for about 10 years and I know a lot of people have trouble with centering the hub adaptors. I know one NZ-based tuner that went to the trouble of zeroing the adaptors with a dial gauge and a copper hammer before bolting the adaptors down. These would certainly be quicker than that technique!