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A340E Transmission question / Help identifying "extra" solenoids

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Hi, need some help if anyone has some knowledge on an A340E, from a JZX 171 Crown. Trans is marked 30-40LS, 35000 3F730. I'm mating it up to a 1JZ-ge non VVTI. Using a Haltech 2500 to control, trans and engine. This is going into a Volvo 244.

My question is about a couple of extra solenoids on the wiring diagram S3, S4. I think they are for shifting the transmission in manual mode. But I'm having trouble confirming, and the diagram I have, doesn't show a direct link, between the solenoids and the shift buttons. Will attempt to attach a pic of the trans with the pan off, highlighting the solenoids. If they are to do with manual shifting, via buttons, can I ignore them and use the trans in auto only? Or will they still need to be controlled?

Any information / help would be very much appreciated.

Cheers Brendon

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Yep, you are 100 percent correct- it's shifting solenoids for tiptronic.


It variant from the supra (5 solenoid)

The two extra solenoid need to be controlled or the first gear will never work and the other do engine braking if you want. I done one on haltech (Aristo) also they work fine but on high power the transmission have tendency to slip bettween shift

Here good explanation/info on this forum Toyota A340 control - Page 11 - Megasquirt Support Forum (MSEXTRA)

thanks georg1970 and sircouture for the replies. Not too worried about high power application, as only stock non vvti 1JZ-GE na. I am a complete novice when it comes to tuning, so this is all very much a challenge for me. So please don't be afraid to dumb it down for me. cheers

You do not need solenoids 3 and 4 for automatic only shifting. I have had my 2jzgte, a340e auto tiptronic Supra wired to my haltech nexus now for 2 years and it shifts perfectly in auto. Haltech has done a great job explaining the wiring and even provides a base calibration on their website outlining shift scheduling and setup for the solenoids to shift the trans properly with 2 solenoids. However if you do want the tiptronic function to work, all solenoids will have to be wired, then calibrated. I'm in the process of getting my steering wheel shift buttons to work right now. It is definitely a challenge! Best of luck with your project! Happy to help when I can!

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