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I recently purchased the "Starter Package". I've gleefully watched through and completed the EFI Fundamentals videos. What's next? Which package should I be watching next so as I'm not missing something important, get confused by something I should already know, only to find it later by accident? I would think the next module I should be going to is "Introduction to Engine Tuning", but that isn't the next one in order on the list, so just making sure I'm headed in the right direction. (And please forgive me if this is posted somewhere and I missed it ... I've looked around but didn't see anything which stated, "Do it in this order.")

Hey Paul,

It depends a bit of your previous experience, but if you click on the following link, you will have a recommended "Step by step" approach to build your knowledge.

Introduction to engine tuning is a more "basic" course than what you already took, next recommended step is "Understanding AFR".

Hope it helps!


Ahhhhh ... that only makes sense :o)

I'd seen this before, but for some reason ... ;-)

Thanks Frank!