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Dear All,

Need some help regarding the configuration of AEM dash to motec hundred series, as i followed all the steps in the manual, did a continuity test, added resistor total of 100ohms in the circuit ( as per AEM’s request ), but no any benefits.

i checked in Can inspector (In motec) and confirmed its transferring through can bus, but the dash isn’t getting anything, As AEM engineer added in the dash a Can status & its always showing Can receive Timeout.

I hope that someone could help me here as AEM engineers couldn’t solve it.

regards :D

Attach your ecu and dash configs and I’ll take a quick look.

Checked you've got your bits/bytes correct? Motec talk in Bytes and my ECU's CAN is all done in bits. Not sure on AEM's way but this can catch a lot of people out, worth checking

Dear Adam,

thanks for your reply, I tried to attach the AEM file but its not uploading.. if I can send it to your email?


AEM engineers told me that its already configured, as also I don't have much experience with bites setup.

Share it with google drive, OneDrive, or Dropbox etc

Ok, I dont see much wrong in the basic setup of either end. A couple of suggestions to try though:

1. Try changing to data set 1 (you will need to change both ends). Data set 3 uses CRC32 and some 3rd party devices dont implement that very well so it is worth a shot if you havent already done so.

2. Try swapping CAN H/L wires, even if you are sure it is right, you would be amazed how often I see guys get this wrong - looking at a connector drawing backwards or something.

3. You say you have a total of 100ohms, I doubt this would cause a problem but it should be 50-60ohms (Usually 100-120ohm resistor each end of the bus). Were you perhaps measuring with the dash unplugged?

4. Are you definitely connected to the CAN2 port on the AEM (2 pin plug)?

Thanks for having a look on the files,

1. I tried both data’s 1 & 3 but nothing happened.

2. Although it was clear on the connector that it was numbered and says pin5/6 can2 high/low, i swapped between high/low and thought maybe something is wrong but nothing.

3. I measured with the dash plugged & unplugged and got the same results which was 100 ohms, they told me to keep 100 ohms only because the dash has its own terminating resistor was checked in.

but also i tried unchecked terminating resistor in the dash and used another 100ohms in dash side, but no changes. Circuit resistance was 60s i forgot how much exactly.

Ok, as a test try these files, I have simplified them right down to a very basic single CAN frame. This will help confirm if you have a wiring issue or config issue. There is only TPS and ECU transmitted, only screen 1 will work. Let us know if you get any data with this.



Im going back home within few days, ill give it a shot and then ill tell you the results! =D


it worked !! Thanks :D

it seems that AEM’s setup wasn’t correct.

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