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After market oil pump pulley

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Hey guys, I am just getting everything together to build my engine (Evo 8 4g63 2.2) and I am a bit confused about a part I have been recommended to run. I have seen the English Racing larger oil pump pulley for the 4g63 that said it lowers oil pressure. But I was under the assumption that I needed more pressure than factory? Has anyone ran this and can recommend or am I safer to just run the factory pulley?


I'm not familiar with the product you're talking about however it's more likely designed for engines that are running to very high rpm where the factory pulley will overspeed the pump. I've run the stock pulley myself to 10,000 rpm with no trouble so i wouldn't consider it an essential.

Perfect, thanks for your reply. I will stick with the factory one

As Andre said, unless you're going to be turning a LOT of rpm, there's little real reason to use one, especially if it's doing street duty.

I would expect it's actually to reduce the oil flow at elevated rpm - there are a couple of reasons this may be beneficial as the oil supply should be considerably greater than needed to hold pressure against the internal leakage (flow through bearings*, oil squirters, etc), so be reducing the pump speed it reduces the power required to turn the pump (it all helps) and also reduce the possiblility of cavitation at the pickup because the pump is sucking less oil up.

*that's going to be affected by clearances, which can make a big difference.

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